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The new version of the old favorite! Enhanced with haute cuisine.

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There is nothing new to a culinary mission of I Like Wine 2.0: to provide a proper background for wine. Brand Chef Dmitry Parikov is in charge of the task. He blends together best sellers from I Like Wine Pokrovka and novelties created for the occasion. Bruschettas and éclairs keep you company while waiting for the mains; I Like Wine 2.0 tempts adepts of the raw foods with tartars, carpaccios and ceviche; while main courses is sure to impress.

Best sellers

  • Octopus salad with grilled vegetables

    790 rub
  • Beef tartare with onion aioli and mashed capers

    760 rub
  • Crab bruschetta

    790 rub

Unique Wine Portfolio

Building our own wine portfolio is an important mile stone in the history of I Like Wine. On top of it, it is quite revolutionary, giving us an exceptional chance to serve rare small producer’s wines at pre-crisis prices.


Wine list is put together by sommelier Yelena Lebedeva. While working on it, she kept in mind all the key trends: a must have Georgian Saperavi Perium and amber Kisi Kvervi, super happening Rieslings and obligatory Russian wines, including inventive bio-dynamic Crimean wines by Pavel Shvets. Small tirazheh wines is another attraction of in-house wine list. Take Timorgasso Monferatto as an example. Made or rear Piedmont grape Timorasso, these bottles have a sore spot in the heart of His Holiness, the Pope. The classics gets its own interpretation: Yelena is after small appellations, gravitating in the direction of Austria and Germany where she masterfully finds true pearls equal to the legendary Burgundy wines. Morillon Pfarrweingarten is just one of such finds.  

Yet again Coravin device comes into the spotlight. Most of the wines from our collection is served by glass.

Wine Tastings

These friendly gatherings are the way we translate out tender feelings for wines into the world. We involve guest star wine makers and experts to present the most worthy items, followed or rather accompanied by Chef’s dinner set created for the occasion. When framing Burgundy’s famous negociant house products, Chef offers guinea fowl terrine and smoked duck breast with berry marmalade. For Pierre Frick’s wines (the man is a father of bio dynamics) I Like Wines serves beef tartar, baguette with roast beef, followed by intriguing “Brain Explosion” dessert.

Wine by Vladimir Perelman

Our special pride is an in-house special sparkling wine Pearlman. The wine was concocted in collaboration with Corvezzo family winery in Venice. Make sure to try Pearlman Brut and Rose – a truly unique find (and bargain!) for the Russian market.






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+7 (925) 768 94 82
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