After conquering Shabolovka, Porkrovka and Khamovniki neighborhoods, the founder of Perelman People restaurant holding (I Like Bar, I Like Grill, I Like Wine, Beer & Brut), Vladimir Perelman, have moved on to Tsvetnoy Bulvar.

The new venue at «Legendy Tsvetnogo» center is called Golodny-Zloy (Hangry if you want a slang English version). This modern neo bistro employs Chef Mikhail Gerashenko, known for his work for at Lesartists and Ugolyok, who delivers comfort food featuring homemade cheese and bread. Wine list is a creation of Perelman People’s chef sommelier Andrey Abramov, while Stanislav Kireev invented bar menu.

Golodny-Zloy can host up to 110 people, another extra 100 can be seated at the summer patio. 

Telefon: +7 495 792 71 05