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Perelman People


Perelman People – is a holding name for Vladimir Perelman’s successful projects.

About Mr. Perelman

Restaurateur Vladimir Perelman was raised in a family of classical musicians. His parents, as well as grandparents, graduated from Moscow State Conservatory. No wonder that creativity is a part of Vladimir’s heritage. It was just a matter of choosing the path where it would thrive in full.

2012 saw an opening of Perelman’s first eatery – a family venue I Like Bar, a stone throw away from Shabolovskaya metro station in Moscow.

In 2014 he added a gastronomic must see place for capital’s wine lovers – a tiny yet irresistibly charming wine bar I Like Wine. In just as little as half a year, gastro pub Beer & Brut serving craft beer and bubbly popped up almost next door. These two establishments can’t be underestimated as a starting point turning sleepy Pokrovka street into a buzzing restaurant area.

In 2016 Perelman People have started developing projects in Moscow’s Khamovniki neighborhood. The plan kicked off with a second I Like Wine establishment serving over 100 types of wine; followed by I Like Pizza corner right next door. Later, on a parallel street, I Like Grill, a restaurant with mammoth grill area was introduced to the public.

In 2017 Perelman People opened I Like Bar 2.0 – family restaurant, located on Marksistkaya 7. In february 2018 the first Ryba moya was opened, the second one appeared in may. In october appeared the collaboration of 2018 – AVE, CSR – a brainchild of Vladimir Perelman and Elena Temnikova and a place to go if you are totally obsessed with Caesar salad. In november 2018 a corner 'Ino was opened on Pokrovka 16. The whole story spinning around Alessandro Frassica's gourme pan'ini - simple sandwiches elevated to an art form. From freshly-baked bread to hand-picked meat, cheese and vegetables from Italy, panino at 'Ino is a whole new way to appreciate the artisanal and the fresh. Now Perelman People chain includes 10 restaurant projects.

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Our special pride is an in-house special sparkling wine Pearlman which can be found in every Perelman People establishment. The wine was concocted in collaboration with Corvezzo family winery in Venice. Make sure to try Pearlman Brut and Rose – a truly unique find (and bargain!) for the Russian market.  



A modern gastro bistro Golodny-Zloy at Tsvetnoi Bulvar. The menu is packed with original interpretation of the Mediterranean cuisine by Chef Mikhail Gerashenko.



All intrigues at I Like Grill occur around country’s biggest open grill. The meat here is baked, stewed, roasted and grilled. We also like to combine few fiery cooking methods.


I Like Wine 2.0 restaurant opens at Khamovniki area, on Timura Frunze Street, and welcomes wine lovers from the neighborhood.


Beer & Brut gastro pub nesting in a two floor old mansion at Pokrovka Street is place for a joyful celebration. It effortlessly matches two of the world’s most famous bubbly drinks: craft beer and sparkling wine. Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?


I Like Wine Pokrovka is an innovative and welcome decision for capital’s wine and food lovers. Chances are it is Moscow’s first democratically priced wine spot lacking even a hint of snobbism. Becoming a wine enthusiast has never been easier!


I Like Bar a debut of Vladimir Perelman as a restaurateur. Magic – is a first word that comes to mind - things just fell into their places: comfy sofas, scrumptious yet simple dishes with a soul; warm atmosphere. There is not much left to wish for … except return for more.